We’re a Cutting-Edge Technology and IT Solutions Provider in Austin, Texas, helping forward-looking businesses plan, design, and roll out enterprise-level network systems.

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We are an established provider of telecommunication and infrastructure services in Texas. Since being founded in 2013, we’ve helped businesses of different sizes and across different sectors in Austin, Texas, and beyond expand their capability with profit-boosting and value-driven telecoms and IT-related services.
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Our team of highly trained and fully accredited experts also cater to residential homeowners looking to set up infrastructure and network technology services in Austin, Texas. We boast almost ten years of IT industry experience, an enviable industry reputation, and an uncommon dedication to speed and quality service.


Lucky Technologies offers a full range of network technology and telecommunication infrastructure services.
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Network installation and support

Network installation and support services in Austin, Texas are aimed at standardizing hardware and software resources to ensure the seamless exchange of voice, data, video, and other resources between employees, applications, and processes.
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Private security camera surveillance systems

Private security camera installations in Austin, Texas will help you add another layer of security and protection to your home or business in the Central Texas area. We’ll help you design and install site-specific camera surveillance systems.
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Home theater audio visual solutions and systems

We’re experts in the design, installation, and maintenance of audiovisual systems in Austin, Texas, and the entire Central Texas areas for both residential and commercial applications. We guarantee high-quality results to help you streamline your AV processes.
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Night club active and passive sound systems

Our experts boast decades of experience designing and building bespoke audio solutions for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, community centers, conference halls, and retail outlets in Austin, Texas, and throughout the entire Central Texas area. We design for extreme loudness, superior quality, and long-term reliability.
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Fiber optic cabling installation and termination

Lucky Technologies offer Fiber Optic Cabling Installation and Termination in Austin, Texas and the Central Texas area. These services are meant to lay the groundwork so all your office devices are well connected for smooth and effective communication.
Lucky technology Security and premise protection systems

Security and premise protection systems

We offer a series of custom integrated security and premise protection services in Austin, Texas, aimed at helping you manage risks and cover your premises inside and out. These are suitable for and will cover homes and businesses with unique security risks.


Reliability, Security, and High-Performance Matters Greatly, Especially When Your Business Is on the Line!

Whether you’re an SME, an established corporation, or a homeowner in Austin, Texas, or the surrounding areas of Central Texas, Lucky Technologies will help you set up and maintain the technology infrastructure you need to meet your unique needs.

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We’re a locally owned and operated Texas company so you can expect our services to be better at a more personal level than most of our big-name competitors.
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Our telecommunications and IT services are structured to help you boost business profits and achieve maximum efficiency without backbreaking costs!
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Whether you’re designing a network system for ten people or a thousand employees, our project planning and implementation processes will be just right for you with regards to productivity, security, reliability, and more.

Thousands of Texan businesses and homes trust Lucky Technologies for the best technology solutions alongside our exceptional customer service.

We’re proud to work with some of the biggest names in business as well as many residential clients here in Texas. We’ll be more than happy to work with you too!